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It's natural to want to say something supportive to someone you know who's trying to lose weight. Many people at some point want to shed some pounds, whether it's to get in shape for the summer swimsuit season or because their doctor told them they're prediabetic and need to lose weight. But while it's easy to empathize with a dieter and offering support is generally a positive thing, saying the right thing can be challenging. "People tend to have better weight-loss results when they get support from important people in their lives," says Leslie Heinberg, director of behavioral services for the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute and vice chair for psychology, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Cleveland Clinic. "However, what to say -- and what not to -- can be tricky when you're trying to help someone change their lifestyle." Here are 14 things Heinberg and other experts advise against saying to someone who's dieting:

"You're fine. You don't need to lose weight."

When people set weight-loss goals for themselves, it's not helpful to negate their rationale, says Jenna Bell, a registered dietitian based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She's the co-author of "Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food And Nutrition Guide to Fuel Your Active Lifestyle." Dieters "may have athletic goals or maybe they have a family history of high cholesterol or blood pressure and they know that a lean body will reduce their risk," Bell says. "Even if -- in your opinion -- they are 'fine,' I recommend supporting their efforts with positive reinforcement -- comment on their successes." For example, you could say, "You definitely have more energy!" or provide other aspirational, health-focused (not weight-focused) input, Bell says. "If you're actually worried that their diet plan may have negative consequences, you may need to approach them more carefully. I recommend asking them how they are doing and let them know if they need any support, you're here for them. And always seek a professional's help, such as from a registered dietitian or trained eating disorder specialist."

"Have you tried (fill in the blank) diet?"

Jumping in with diet advice is not helpful, Heinberg says. "Everyone is different and has different needs," she says. "When a person is undergoing a weight-loss intervention, or she] should be in consultation with their physician or a dietitian or other expert who is best positioned to offer advice regarding treatment options." Suggesting a weight-loss diet without expertise presents an overly simplistic view of how weight is gained, lost and maintained. "Weight is the result of a complex interaction between biological, genetic, behavioral, cultural and environmental factors," Heinberg says.

"I tried that diet and it doesn't work."

A diet that doesn't work for some people may work for others, says Diane Henderiks, a registered dietitian based in Asbury Park, New Jersey. "It may not have worked for you but it may for me," Hend
» ScottFal
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